About Us

The Oliver Cameron Gallery is owned David Pearce and named after his son Oliver, who sadly passed away at just 11 months old.

As an art lover, David felt that buying art was not always the most pleasant of experiences. Countless times he had walked into a gallery and been totally ignored (especially in Mayfair) by the owner or staff. Prices were seldom displayed and he felt he was an irritation just daring to walk into the gallery.

As a photographer working globally covering sports (including the Rio Olympic Games) and undertaking commercial shoots and films, when the opportunity arose to open a small gallery he jumped at the opportunity.

At this stage, David has chosen not to represent any individual artists, but to seek out pieces he loves from unrepresented artist’s, or commission pieces to his vision. He wants an eclectic mix to offer customers and to help up and coming artists sell their work.

Traditionally art has been priced by an artist’s reputation and how they have been validated by curators, premium galleries and ultimately if their works have been purchased by significant museums. Although David recognises this and the investment opportunity art can provide, primarily it is his belief that you should purchase art based on love (and of course affordability relative to your wealth) of an individual piece and not the artist’s name.

Being an ex-wine writer and merchant David recalls how when tasting a wine blind (the bottle is hidden so you only see and taste the wine itself) it was very common, even for professional tasers, when trying to determine the price point, that often a wine costing £100 a bottle was guessed at £25 and vice versa. It is David’s belief that this occurs in the art world with quality hugely being determined by the signature of the artist instead of the piece of art itself.

There are 5 distinct divisions to the gallery:-

Cru Classe – This concept was developed by David over the course of 2 years. It revolves around multi-media pieces depicting serious bottles of wine. Full information can be seen on its dedicated page.

Original Art – A range of oil and acrylic paintings from various artists.

Motoring Art – David develops concepts and then works with his artists to realise them. Depicting high-end cars these are sold as limited edition prints on museum grade heavyweight papers.

Kent Landscapes – Whilst sitting in the waiting room prior to a business meeting, David noticed how little consideration had been given to what was hanging on the walls. It did not set the right tone or lighten his spirits. Good art work can not only make you happy but provide a great conversation piece, especially with new clients. With this in mind David is collating a collection of paintings and photographs that show Kent.

Prints – A general selection of prints selected by David in various sizes.