The Cru Collection

These unique, original and bespoke pieces were conceived by our team of artists and wine professionals. Each is totally original and purchased via a personal commission by you.  We like to think of them in the same light as purchasing a luxury motor car such as a Rolls Royce or Ferrari. You have a standard edition but then speak to their atelier about customisable options.

The basis of each piece is a particular fine wine, chosen by you. We like to think that the wine will commemorate a particular landmark in the recipients life. This might be their birthyear, the year you got married or had your children. Our feeling is that the vintage chosen should mean something and the wine itself should be one that they love or you have shared.

Once the wine is chosen we will gather tasting notes about the region and the individual wine and stitch these together. The bottle of the wine is then painted onto the canvas in oil.  From here you have a multitude of options :-

We can obtain an actual bottle of the wine and use the label itself in the piece. Ideally, we would provide this for you, and you enjoy the bottle with your partner, before giving the bottle back. This will always evoke wonderful memories.

If you can surreptitiously save a glass of the wine we will reduce it down to the perfect consistency and use it as a paint on the piece.

We can arrange to have a hand written tasting note prepared by your partners favourite wine writer to be included in the piece

We can include a vial of the wine in the piece.

If you would like to combine this gift with the purchase of a time piece we can also include this in the piece.

You have a choice of frames to that may include ones in part made from the cases the wine came in or an actual barrel from the chateau/estate if this proves possible.

Scenario – We visit your home to show you a painting in the Cru Classe style. This affords you the opportunity to see how it hangs in situ and the size most suitable. You book a table at your favourite restaurant and pre-order the menu and wine. We visit the restaurant on the evening of your meal and once the wine is finished take the bottle, remove the label and finish off the art work. Prior to the evening we have made the piece of art including a copy of the menu signed by the chef and a hand written wine tasting note by a well known wine writer. The piece of art is then presented that evening to your partner.